Sngap Syiem College, Mawkyrwat was set up by the Maharam Syiemship Higher Education Association (MSHEA) in April, 1985 as a Junior College. It is named after Sngap Syiem, the Syiem of Hima Maharam and the freedom fighter against the British regime. The College was provisionally af- filiated to the North Eastern Hills University, Shillong at the Pre-University level on 12th May, 1986. It was subsequently upgraded to Degree level (Pass Course) on 3rd March, 1992 in Arts stream only. It got the affiliation for running Hon- ours courses on 8th June, 2000 and till date; it has got the UGC status of being one of the 2(f) 12(b) institutions in the country. The College was accredited and assessed by NAAC in 2016 with C grade. It offers degree courses at the Under- graduate level in Semester system since 2015.
Seeing the need of the student community of the area, the College recently introduced B.Com courses in 2017 and B.Sc. courses in 2022.09
             Sngap Syiem College is the only Institution to impart degree education to the boys and girls from about one hun- dred nearby and remote villages of the area and outside it. It has prepared excellent students in various academic and professional fields and many products of the Institution have continued to serve in various prestigious departments like education, health, police, defence, social welfare of the government. Many of them became successful businessmen and politicians. This Institution plays the key role in bring- ing the youths of this area into the mainstream of educa- tion and paves the way for them to study even outside the State and compete with other renowned institutions. It has served more than three decades in this area and its people. It is hoped and prayed that, with the cooperation of the stu- dents, teachers, parents and other stakeholders, it will aptly brighten and shine as the Motto mentioned above “Arise and Shine”

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