MOTTO:   “Arise and shine”


Motivating all students, especially those from the disadvantaged groups, towards academic pursuits and excellence by facilitating them to the full and bringing about a holistic development of personality.


  1. To provide opportunity to the rural as well as less privileged people to pursue higher

studies on an equal footing as others

  1. To equip students with the necessary skills to function as responsible professionals/individuals and productive citizens of a democratic country
  2. Developing respect for cultural diversity, and a sense of unity among students
  3. Producing knowledge-based learners through value-based education
  4. To create awareness on environmental issues.



  1. To provide general education to all students
  2. To tap students’ talents and potentials and groom them for future employment orself-employment
  3. To provide skill based education so as to enable students to take active leadership roles in all areas of social life.
  4. Developing keen interest curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  5. To instill social, moral and spiritual values among students.