Principal’s Message

It is significant to note that Sngap Syiem College was named after “ U Sngap Syiem” the renowned freedom fighter. The three distinct qualities of U Sngap Syiem reflected from his life are skill, courage and sacrifice. It is my wish that these qualities be imbibed in the life of the students and staff of this College. In addition to this, we have the motto of the College, “Arise and Shine” which should be materialized in our everyday life. Teachers have their own responsibility to prepare the young generation for their future meaningful life which would bring blessing for themselves as well as the community. We should always aim at high academic standards and have high expectation of personal discipline and motivation. I want to remind my students that education should not end with mere seeking knowledge but to acquire more skills for serving and building the society. Students should keep in mind that they are the future nation builders. We expect that all students should shine out in a well disciplined manner with God-fearing attitude along with dedication and firm determination for winning the best in life. I encourage the students to strive forward with whatever aptitude they have and wisely utilize their time and energy. It is only then that success is expected.