• Look after the financial management and financial health of the college.
  • Preparing budgets
  • Asking for finance proposal from committees, departments and cells.
  • Preparing reports to higher ups for financial accountability and transparency.
  • Auditing
  • Stock register
  • Decommissioning of faulty items.
  • Monitoring expenditure
  • Reporting

People with Differently-abled (PWDS):

  • To identify PWDs.
  • To facilitate all kinds of assistance.
  • Preparing budget.
  • Reporting

Women and Sexual Harassment Cell:

  • Timely registering sexual harassment complaints..
  • Providing counseling to victims and women in need.
  • Ensuring safety of female students and faculty.
  • Gender sensitizing.

Exam Cell:

  • Scheduling dates for test and internal test.
  • Receiving of questions paper from HODs, MBOSE and NEHU
  • In charge strong room.
  • Preparing Seats plan (MBOSE & NEHU exams)
  • Preparing invigilation duty (All types of Exams).
  • Packaging and dispatching of answer scripts.
  • In charge of central evaluation of degree exams.
  • Receiving marks.
  • Publication of results.
  • Budget and reporting.

Sports Committee:

  • Organizing sports and events.
  • Participation at various levels.
  • Maintenance of sports equipment.
  • Budget and reporting.

Arts and Culture:

  • Organizing cultural events.
  • Participation at various levels.
  • Maintenance of musical instruments.
  • Budget and reporting

Award Committee:

  • Inviting reports from HODs, Committees about deserving students.
  • Arranging and facilitating of graduation day.
  • Budget and report.

Parent Teachers Association:

  • Fixing schedule for Meeting.
  • Making preparation and provision for PTA Meeting.
  • Inviting feedbacks from parents.
  • Working in close cooperation between teachers and parents for overall growth and developments of the students.
  • Budget and reporting