National Service Schemes Unit.

NSS Unit SngapSyiem College: The NSS unit in the college was setup a few years after its inception. At present there are more than 500 NSS Volunteers (including x+2) both male and female with only one unit. Only 200 to 300 volunteers are actively participated in every programme, others are not so active due to many personal and academic problems.  

Programme: taken by the National Services Schemes Sngap Syiem College Unit.

Special Camps

Highlights of the main activities conduct by The NSS from 2011 till date at adopted village

Through the interaction it was found that the NSS Unit has done a recommendable job top the community in the past. The following are some of the main activities conducted since 2011 – 2016

Year 2011

  • Health Camp
  • Construction of Drinking Pond
  • Awareness programme on different government schemes
  • Sports and interaction programme
  • Free distribution of blankets to BPL Families.

Year 2012

  • Construction of piggery project
  • Skill development training & rural technology training
  • Extension work one day voluntary work for construction of village link road.

Year 2013

  • Construction of community washing pond and community drinking pond
  • Construction of public toilet in collaboration with the office of the state council science technology & environment (SCSTE) Shillong
  • Repairing of community pond at pawphlang pdengshnong
  • Awareness programme cum demonstration on different government schemes
  • Training on skill development (Apiculture)

Year 2014

  • Awareness programme on HIV/AIDs & Drug Abuse
  • Construction of Half completed class room at pawphlang upper primary school
  • Construction of drinking pond at pom-um pawphlang
  • Training on mushroom cultivation
  • Sport and entertainment

Year 2015

  • Awareness programme -cum-demonstration on economic activities
  • Construction of two low cost toilets to the BPL households
  • Repair work and cleaning of asset created in previous years
  • Painting and colouring of pawphlang Presbyterian church
  • Sport & entertainment
  • Quiz, Debate ,singing, dancing competition

Year 2016

  • Awareness programme on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Cleaning drive
  • Socio economic survey
  • Sport and games

Regular Activities:

Activities related to Health the NSS Unit has organized.

Regular activities

Activities related to health

  • Free eyes camp 2008 at College
  • Free eyes Camp 2009 at college
  • Free eyes camp 2010 at mawsaw village
  • Free eyes camp 2010 at college
  • Free medical camp 2011 at college
  • Free eyes camp 2012 at umjarain market
  • Free medical camp 2012 at mawten village
  • Awareness programme on HIV/AIDs 2014 at Mawkyrwat market
  • Free eyes camp 2013 at women hostel Sngapsyiem college
  • Free eyes camp 2016 at women hostel Sngapsyiem college
  • HIV/AIDs Programme every year on 1st  December

Environmental issue

  • Cleaning drive at Mawkyrwat market on 2008
  • Cleaning drive at CHC Mawkyrwat & College on 2009
  • Cleaning drive at College on 2011
  • Cleaning drive at college on 2012
  • Cleaning drive at mawkyrwat market on 2013
  • Cleaning drive at pawpphlang village on 2014
  • Cleaning drive at college on 2014
  • Cleaning drive at mawkyrwat market 0n 2015
  • Cleaning drive at umjarain market on November & December 2015

Awareness programme on environmental issues:

  • Observance of World Ecology on 2009
  • Seminar on Climate Change & Global Warming at college on 2010
  • Seminar on Climate Change & Fresh water crisis issues causes of pollution on 2012
  • Slogan competitions on different issues causes of pollution 2013
  • Debate, Quiz competition on Environmental pollution 2014
  • Environment March 2015
  • Block level Science & Environment Exhibition in 2014 & 2015
  • Free Plastics campaign 2016
  • World Earth Day 2016
  • World wild life protection Day 2016
  • World environment Day Observed every Years

Tree plantation:

  • 50 Sapling at college campus on 2008
  • 50 sampling at college campus& Girls Hostel 2012
  • 100 sampling of logon fruit trees at pawphlang village 2013
  • 50 sampling of trees at campus of Block Development Office Mawkywat 2014
  • 300 sampling of trees at mawten village 2015

Blood donation:

  • Motivation Camp of Blood Donation on 2008
  • Motivation Camp of Blood Donation on 2010
  • Motivation Camp of Blood Donation on 2013
  • Motivation Camp of Blood Donation on 2104

International Day against Drug and Illicit Trafficking

  • Observance at College on 2010
  • Observance at College on 2012
  • Observance at College on 2013
  • Observance at College on 2014
  • Observance at College on 2015
  • Observance at College on 2016
  • Observance at College on 2017

Awareness programme on HIV & AIDs

  • Awareness programme 2009
  • Observant of world Aids day on 1st December every years
  • Quiz, Debate, Poster competition on 2011
  • Distributes of Pamphlets at Umjarain Market 2012
  • Mock Drill On HIV & AIDs at Mawkyrwat market on 2013
  • Distributes of Pamphlets at mawkyrwat market 2014
  • Distributes of Pamphlets at college 2014
  • Awareness programme & Distributes of Pamphlets at college 2015
  • Awareness programme & Distributes of Pamphlets at college 201

Literacy programme:

  • Quiz, Debate competition almost every years
  • Drawing & Painting Competition on Environment Issues
  • Poster and Slogan Competition every years
  • Spoken English & Spoken Hindi For NSS Volunteers
  • Every Years the Unit conducted such programmes for students and children in the Adopted Village

Adventure Programnme: Rural Teachnology and many others Activities

Participation as Programme Officers in Activities of NSS and Other Related Activities at National Level

Adventure programme/ Special High Altitude Trekking & Camping Manali  Himachal Pradesh 2009
Loktak National Integration Camp Manipur University 2011
North East Festival NERIST Arunachal Pradesh 2014
National Youth Festival Raipur Chhattisgarh 2016

Participation as Programme Officers in Activities of NSS and Other Related Activities at Regional Level

Programme Officer NSS Training Orientation TORC Ramakrishna Mission Narendrapur Kolkata 2012
P.O Training on Social  Harmony and National Unity NEHU Shillong 2009
P.O Training on Environment and Sustainable Development NEHU Shillong 2009

Participation of NSS Volunteers at National Level

Adventure programme/ Special High Altitude Trekking & Camping Manali  Himachal Pradesh 2009
Pre-Rd Camp Orissa 2009
Summer Mega Camp Jaipur 2008
National Integration Camp Manipur 2011
Summer Adventure Camp Patnitop Jammu & Kashmir 2012
Pre –Rd Camp 2013 Salt lake Kolkata
North East Festival 2014 NERIST Arunachal Pradesh
North East Festival 2014 Mizoram
North East Festival 2015 Shillong
State Exchange Programme 2015 Shilong
National Youth Festival 2016 Raipur Chhattisgarh

Achievement of NSS Unit of the College: The NSS Unit of the college bagged with the Best Unit at the University Level and programme Officer was awarded with the best programme officer on the same year. The College has also conferred Sngap Syiem Awards to the progamme officer for his outstanding performance as P.O, during the silver jubilee celebration of the college. The University has selected two of the NSS Volunteers to bag with the Best NSS Volunteer Award during the year 2010 and 2016. The NSS has won many prizes at different competition at local, district and state level.

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