The College has one hostel for girl students only which is located at a distance of about 100 meters away from the College.

It can be accommodated 50+students. There is one common room used for the recreational purposes where indoor games such as Carom board and Chess are provided. Basic amenities like bathrooms and toilets are constructed on each floor of the hostel.

Only regular and registered students of Sngap Syiem College are allowed to stay in the hostel for the entire duration of the course pursued by the student. However, on promotion to the next higher class, a student shall be allowed for the next academic year on the basis of new application.

The hostel has a managing committee comprising of the faculty members of the College headed by the Principal. The Hostel has a Warden to maintain discipline among the hostellers. The hostel holds the pride of having a friendly atmosphere and ragging free environment.

All hostellers are required to abide by the rules and regulation of the hostel. Hostellers can be expelled for breach of conduct.

Hostel fee: Students who are willing to stay in hostel, they have to pay an annual fee of 6000 per annum.