• Planning for infrastructural development of the whole College ranging from preparing Master plan, Contour Survey of the Campus and its buildings
  • Acquisition of land for the College, including its Registration
  • Seeking out donations, Funds and Grants for development of the Campus
  • Collaborations with other Agencies – Governmental and NGOs and others Agencies for infrastructural development
  • Beautifying the Campus, Planting of Trees, Gardens, Parks, and Vegetations
  • Looking after sanitation including construction of drains, toilets, waste bins, water supply etc.
  • Preparing DPR and others project proposals for applying schemes for infrastructural development
  • Constructing Classrooms, Auditorium, Parking Lots, Ramps, Ponds, Dams, etc
  • Looking after electrification, construction of power houses, Web-connection
  • Construction of playgrounds, courts and platforms
  • Making furniture
  • Building fencing and boundaries around College campus.

Repairing and renovation of rooms and furniture