The College gives away academic and non-academic awards to deserving students every year. The followings were the awards given by the College:-

1. Rowell Lyngdoh Academic Achievement Award:

This Award is given in the name of the founder President of the Governing Body of the College to the degree student who secures highest percentage of marks (in aggregate) among all degree students. The name is shortlisted by the Academic Committee of the College.

2.Dr. Dhirendro Ramsiej Academic Award:-

This Award is given in the name of the founder Principal of the College and it is given to those students who have perform well in the Board Exam in the Higher Secondary section and also to those who have bring fame to the College in any field like sports, bravery etc. The awardees are selected by the Academic Committee of the College

3.Most Regular Students:

This Award is given by the Students’ Welfare Section of the College on the Sngap Syiem Day. Students with the best percentage of attendance in an academic year receive this Award. Students attending more than 90% of classes are only considered for this Award.